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The sociable Couch

Berlin City-tour: The sociable Couch
The history of Berliner Drawing-rooms

OlgaDrawing-rooms were once a special part of German social life. During the 19th century this atmosphere came to be a classical meeting place for several social classes. Poets and authors, artists and politicians, citizens and visitors met in Berlin to improvise the masterpiece of human life. In this metropolis people from different countries came to exchange their cultural experiences.
Our city-tour presents to you the surprising renaissance of Berliner Drawing-room culture. Different forms of communication have their roots in the old Jewish saloon traditions. Together we will visit “Tea-societies“ and „Tango-saloons“, we’ll get to know the literary world of the past and today. And we’ll meet connoisseurs of hospitality in casual settings.
In this tour, past and present collide in the streets of this world-metropolis. The concept of “Tea-rooms”, “High-tea-societies”, “Open-houses”, “Punch-rounds” and “The West-Eastern Divan” open the city to you.

At the end of the tour you get the chance to enter in several “Drawing-rooms” and meet the proprietors. A cup of tea or coffee, a glass of wine is also a part of your experience of the literary and theatrical city-life.

Our tour lasts for 2 hours. However, if you wish to stay longer at one of the “Drawing-rooms” accommodations can be made.

Price for one 2 hour tour:

100,- € per tour group
  30,- € per group for every extra hour


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