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Mitte - Charlottenburg: The Fashion Tour
Berlin makes you beautiful!

miaIt’s no secret anymore that Berlin is one of the worlds fashion metropolis. Many fashion studios sprung up like mushrooms. But by the huge range of products on offer it’s not easy to find one’s way. We took the pick of the bunch. Be inspired of Berlin’s Fashion world. Starting point is KASTANIENALLEE.
Do you need a unique hat? We know where to get it!
From the Fashion Avant-garde in Mitte we take you to the Haute Couture in the Western part of Berlin.
You will experience: From East to West, in Berlin you’ll find fashion at its best!
Berlin makes you beautiful!

The tour takes 4 hours:


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Prices for a 3 hour Tour are:

36 € for 1 person
18 € each for 2 to 10 persons
15 € each for 11 persons and up
6 € added for various chocolate samples at the Chocolate Tour


Phone: 030 440 510 69


Miss Sixty


Hugo Boss


Hutladen in Mitte

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