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Kreuzberg.Emmauskirche. Lausitzer Platz

Kreuzberg. Köpenicker Str.137

The Mixture of Kreuzberg

AndreasThis walk through an apartment district will paint you a striking picture of Kreuzberg’s exciting fusion of architecture, culture and trade. Highlights include Chamissoplatz as a site of urban regeneration, a glimpse into the area’s backstreet courtyard culture and the historical development of the market hall at Marheinekeplatz.


Our guided tours last one to two hours. The tours are flexible and we’re more than happy to take requests.


12,- € per person


Phone: 030  30 36 77 96
Mobile: 0176  56 79 54 73


Kreuzberg. Mehringdamm 57 Schokoladenfabrik

Kreuzberg.Detail des Wasserturms mit Skelett .1888

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