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Berlin is becoming more and more Berlin!

Dear customers and admirers of our wonderful city: We proudly welcome you to our website!

About Us

We are a group of certified tour guides for Berlin and Brandenburg. We all have different interests and professional focuses, but also much in common: we laugh a lot, like to spend time together, we take walks and we love Berlin. We want to share our knowledge, experience and dedication with our customers. We consider all tastes, age groups and professional interests. In constructing our programme, we’ve left a fair bit of freedom for your requests, ideas and curiosity. Give us a call and we’ll try to find the right tour for you.

BildersammlungBerlin is becoming more and more Berlin.With a great sense of humour. That would be my wish: to try it on.
Like a nice pair of trousers.

That I were always surrounded by Berlin
as I wander about…
Berlin, I long for you.
Oh, just come to me!
Joachim Ringelnatz, 1929

As early as 1929, one of the most well-known German poets wanted to try on Berlin like a special piece of clothing. Edgy, extravagant, modest, simple, proletarian, militant, revolutionary, cosy, musical, child-friendly and much more… That’s the city’s façade. Come along on one of our walks to discover all of Berlin’s charming hidden spots. Whether you’re in Berlin for the first time or you already know the city well, join us and open a new door to world history.

See you in Berlin!


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